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Daily manna from the Torah by Dr Ketriel Blad

VaYechi 12-1

And (he) lived

Genesis 47:28 – 48:9

When Israel saw Joseph’s sons, he said, "Who are these?" Joseph said to his father, "They are my sons, whom God has given me here." And he said, "Bring them to me, please, that I may bless them."

Gen. 48:8-9 ESV

Why did Israel want to adopt Yosef's sons?

Israel was sick and close to death. His physical eyes were darkened, but his spiritual eyes were open. When Yosef found out that his father was sick, he went to visit him with his two eldest sons.

  Yaakov had received promises of having many children but Rachel died early and he thought that it wasn't enough to have two sons by her. That's why he made the decision of adopting Yosef's two oldest sons as his own sons, giving them the same status as Reuven and Shimeon

For more than 20 years Israel thought that Yosef was dead. However, during that time, Yosef begat Ephraim and Menashe in the world of the gentiles from a mother that was originally gentile but that had embraced the faith of Israel.

The name Yosef means "(he) will add", and through him more children were to be added to Israel in the time of his blindness and sickness.

When Israel was about to adopt Yosef's sons as his own, he asked who they were, to make sure of what he was going to do, and to prevent the same thing from happening as he did to his father, when he deceived him and took the blessing. Then, he asked Yosef to bring them closer so he could bless them.

All these things are a prophetic projection for the last days. Yosef represents the Messiah ben Yosef, who Israel has considered dead for the last 2000 years. During that time, many children from among the gentiles have been born to the Messiah. Most of them are in the Christian world and that's why they've learned both from the ways of the gentiles and partly from the faith of Israel. In the last times, the sons of Yeshua will be brought closer to the faith of Israel, Judaism; especially during the time of great tribulation that Israel and the world will go through. Israel's eyes will open prophetically to see these children and adopt them as their own for the world to come.

The question "Who are these?" appears in two other instances in the Scriptures (Isa. 49:18-22 and Rev. 7:13-14). These passages speak of the new children that will be added to Israel in the last times and especially during the great tribulation, when Israel will be sick and about to die. The arrival of ben Yosef as ben David will give new life to Israel.

The interest for the Hebrew roots among Christians has been awakened by Messiah Yeshua who is in heaven interceding on behalf of his sons on earth. It is a movement that will end up opening the hearts of Yeshua's non-Jewish sons to embrace Jewish faith and leave Christianity. This doesn't mean that they'll have to convert to be Jews, but to adopt a lifestyle and a theology according to Israel's so that they stop being a stone of stumbling for Jews. In the Messiah, there is room for both peoples without one having to convert to the other. The Jew cannot leave Jewish tradition to come together with the children of the Messiah from among the gentiles. It is they who will have to change their traditions in order to live with the Jews and form one people, multifaceted, but united.

Those obedient to ben Yosef will be taken by him to Israel's knees so that he can kiss them and hug them, and adopt them as his own.

It is time to stop forcing Jews to deny and reject their theological, spiritual and cultural heritage to become one with the children of the Messiah from among the gentiles. Only when the children of ben Yosef are willing to approach Israel completely, and to be kissed and hugged by him, will they receive their great blessing.

May the Eternal give us open eyes so that each one can understand what we have to do in this prophetic movement of mutual approach.

Shavua tov,


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