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Daily manna from the Torah by Dr Ketriel Blad

Tsav 25-5


Leviticus 8:14-21

He washed the entrails and the legs with water, and Moses burned the whole ram on the altar. It was a burnt offering with a pleasing aroma, a food offering for the LORD, as the LORD commanded Moses.

(Lev. 8:21 ESV)

What made Moshe great?

Most of the things the Eternal established for the earthly service are not presented with an explanation. I'm not sure if Moshe understood all the reasons and details. Maybe he wondered in many cases: why do we have to do this or that?

Of course, hiding in every detail, are spiritual and heavenly secrets that manifest the magnitude of divine wisdom; the Eternal presents to us a service that is full of challenges to seek what is behind them and be able to know the profundity of the Eternal himself. But I don't think that Moshe knew all the mysteries or that every single thing would be revealed to him.

Thus, his obedience becomes greater because in some instances he had to obey without understanding the reasons of things. A child who receives an order from his father is tempted to ask "why?" In other words, he would only be willing to obey if he understood the reason why his father asked him to do that specific thing. Not so with Moshe; even if at times when he couldn't understand the reasons for things, he obeyed. The reason for this is that his obedience wasn't based on his understanding but on his trust and faithfulness. He obeyed simply because the Eternal had commanded – period. That is what made Moshe great.  

Dear disciple of the Messiah; be obedient to what the Eternal commands, even if you don't understand it. This will lift you in the eyes of Heaven.

May the Eternal help us be obedient with all our hearts even if we don't understand the reason of a given commandment.


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