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Daily manna from the Torah by Dr Ketriel Blad

Metzora 28-3

One affected by tzaraat

Leviticus 14:21-32

These are the regulations for anyone who has an infectious skin disease and who cannot afford the regular offerings for his cleansing.

Lev. 14:32 NIV

How are the poor treated before the Eternal?

When comparing the texts referring to purification of the rich and the poor lepers, we see that they both had to go through the same ceremony. Verses 25-29 that speak about the purification of the poor one are almost identical to verses 14-18 that speak about the purification of the one who     has enough resources.

This teaches us that there is no difference between rich and poor before the Eternal. The poor one is treated just like the rich one. The rich have no privileges for being rich and the poor are not discriminated against for being poor.

The world and the mundane honours the one who has money, yet despises the poor. The Eternal does not pay attention to money but to the heart. The rich one with an evil heart is despised by Him and the poor one with a faithful heart is honoured by Him.

Let's learn from our Father.



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