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Daily manna from the Torah by Dr Ketriel Blad

Balak 40-2


Numbers 22:13-20

Then Balak sent other princes, more numerous and more distinguished than the first.

Num. 22:15 NIV

Who bows to this world's honours?

A god-fearing Rabbi was about to die. His disciples, who had come together to say farewell asked him what his last wish was before leaving this world. "That you may fear Heaven as much as you fear men now", the Rabbi said. His disciples, astonished replied: "Don't you mean that we should fear Heaven more than men?", "If you manage to achieve the same level of fear for Heaven that you have for men, I will be very pleased".

Fear of Heaven is one of the most important ingredients men need to have in order to do things well in life. When fear of men is greater than fear of the Eternal then we are serving men instead of the Eternal and that's a type of idolatry. If our wish is to be accepted by men more than to be accepted by Heaven, our priorities are inverted. If we seek honour and reward by those deemed important in this world, then we have gone astray from our life's purpose. If we feel we are nobody without a degree then we don't understand the principles of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Bilam (Balaam) started as a prophet and ended up being a clairvoyant. He started with fear of Heaven and he ended up seeking honour from men. He started serving the Eternal and he died by the saint’s sword for having introduced fornication and idolatry in Israel.

Dear disciple of the Messiah, don't strive to be someone in this world - strive to be someone in the Eternal's eyes. Don't bow before honours and riches - you will only pervert your soul. Be careful with this issue and you'll keep your soul from destruction!

Heavenly father: instill fear of You in my heart so I won't sin against You. Keep my soul so I don't fall in the trap of fame and honour from men. Be the first in my life always. Help me not to be unfaithful to You in any area or moment of my life. Blessed be You the Eternal, the Fearsome and Honoured One forever!!



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