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Daily manna from the Torah by Dr Ketriel Blad

Mattot 42-2


Numbers 31:1-12

Moses sent them into battle, a thousand from each tribe, along with Phinehas son of Eleazar, the priest, who took with him articles from the sanctuary and the trumpets for signaling.

Num. 31:6 NIV

Why did a priest go to war?

When 12000 of the sons of Israel were sent to carry out the Eternal’s vengeance against Midian, Pinchas, Aharon’s grandson who received the priesthood because of the zeal he showed when part of the people fornicated with the idolatrous women, was also sent. Pinchas shared the feeling with the Eternal regarding the Midianites – that’s why he was able to lead the people in this war.

However, the most important thing in this case is that Pinchas was in charge of taking some of the tabernacle’s sacred utensils and the silver trumpets to sound the trua’hתרועה – alarm. According to Rashi, the sacred utensils were the ark and the high priest’s gold head plate. These objects were taken to confront the spirit of impurity behind the Midianites. This war was sacred, commanded by the Eternal to execute his vengeance. Therefore, the divine presence and the angels had to come with them in war.

Pinchas the priest was there to activate the Eternal’s supernatural forces in the moment of war. When the silver trumpets were played, the Eternal sent orders to His angels to protect and strengthen the 12000 soldiers who were fulfilling His orders. In that way their mission was very prosperous.

When you enter in battle, make sure of three things: that you are fulfilling a divine order, that the Eternal’s presence is with you and that you walk in sanctity. That’s how you will prosper in battle.



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