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Daily manna from the Torah by Dr Ketriel Blad

Massei 43-2

The journeys of

Numbers 33:11-49

They traveled from Kadesh, and encamped in Mount Hor, in the edge of the land of Edom. Aharon the Priest went up into Mount Hor at the command of HaShem, and died there, in the fortieth year after the children of Yisra'el were come out of the land of Egypt, in the fifth month, on the first day of the month. Aharon was one hundred twenty-three years old when he died in Mount Hor.

Num. 33:37-39 HNV revised

What secret is hidden in the journey number 33?

The High Priest Aharon died at the 33rd camp from the exodus from Egypt, on a mountain called Hor, which means "mountain". He was a “mashiach”, an anointed one, the first one in the Scriptures to be called ha-mashiach (Lev 4:3, 5, 16). This event is a prophetic picture of Yeshua HaMashiach, who also died on a mountain at age 33, which lines up with Israelıs 33rd camp starting from the Exodus.

It is written that Aharon died there, in the fortieth year after the children of Israel came out of the land of Egypt. This is a reference to Yeshuaıs death and resurrection 4,000 years after the creation of Adam. In Genesis 13:10, Egypt is compared to the Garden of Eden. There is also a connection between Adam and Chavah being driven out of paradise and the children of Israel leaving Egypt. In the same way that Aharon, the anointed one, died forty years after the exodus from Egypt, Yeshua the Messiah died 4,000 (100 x 40) years after the exodus of the first man and woman from the Garden of Eden.

Furthermore, Aharon died the first day of the fifth month, exactly three and a half months after the date of the exodus, which was the 15th day of the first month. The three and a half months refer to the Messiahıs ministry, which lasted for three and a half years. Similarly to the way that Aharon died three and a half months after the date of the exodus, Yeshua died three and a half years after beginning his public ministry.

Aharon lived to be three years older than his brother, Moshe, who was 120 years old when he died. These three years also speak of the Messiah, his three plus years of ministry, his 30 plus years of life until death, and the three days that he was in the innermost part of the earth before he was resurrected. The mountain Hor, is mentioned three times in this text.

Blessed be the Eternal for revealing to us His great Secret!


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