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Daily manna from the Torah by Dr Ketriel Blad

Shoftim 48-3


Deuteronomy 18:1-5

The priests, who are Levites—indeed the whole tribe of Levi—are to have no allotment or inheritance with Israel. They shall live on the offerings made to the LORD by fire, for that is their inheritance. They shall have no inheritance among their brothers; the LORD is their inheritance, as he promised them... You are to give them the firstfruits of your grain, new wine and oil, and the first wool from the shearing of your sheep.

Deut. 18:1-2, 4 NIV

Can the consequences of a curse become something good?

The anger of Shimeon and Levi was cursed by their father Yaakov (Gen. 49:7) and as a consequence of the two brother's deeds with Shechem (Gen. 34) they didn't receive any inheritance in particular from the land when it was divided among the tribes in the time of Yehoshua (Joshua). Shimeon received his allotment within Yehuda's territory and Levi received cities among all the other tribes.

However, the tribe of Levi got attached to the Eternal in a special way, as the meaning of his name shows – לוי, to attach/to become attached (Gen. 29:34). When the others sinned with the golden calf, the tribe of Levi were the only ones who responded to Moshe's call when he said: “Whoever is for the LORD, come to me.” (Ex. 32:26 NIVUK)

Because of their faithfulness to the Eternal in that critical moment, the tribe of Levi received the priesthood instead of the firstborns. That blessing gave them right to all the tithes and offerings that the people gave. All the first fruits and the best selection of the were given to the sons of Levi.

In this way, the Levites who were scattered among the territory of Israel not only lived off whatever the lands around their cities produced but also from the best of the other tribes' agricultural product.

But this wasn't the greatest blessing the Levites received, but the right to serve the Eternal in a special way in His Temple. They were selected to be close to the Eternal and serve Him. What a great privilege!!

The greatest thing a man can experience is being able to be close to the Eternal. So if there are experiences in your past that produced any kind of curse in your life and now you are suffering their consequences, don't lament over it. The Eternal is great enough to transform the consequences of that curse into something positive. The key to experience that change is to attach to the Eternal in the moments of crisis and in the moments of prosperity. In that way, He will use what at the beginning were the consequences of the curse as a source of blessing.

Blessed be the Eternal for His grace!


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