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Daily manna from the Torah by Dr Ketriel Blad

Vezot HaBrachah 54-1

And this is the blessing

Deuteronomy 33:1-7

This is the blessing that Moses the man of God pronounced on the Israelites before his death.

Deut. 33:1 NIV

How will you end your life?

Moshe had transmitted a lot of warning and rebukes after seeing prophetically what the people of the covenant were going to do in the future. The song he just taught his people did not have many words of encouragement but actually ones that were hard-to-swallow. Moshe had all the reasons to be upset with his people. So much rebellion, so many complaints, so much injustice, so much ill speaking, so much disobe dience and so many negative things they had done. Moshe had had to risk his own life and that of his brother to save the people and, what did he get in return? More complaints. Only a small group had remained faithful. Had Moshe set his eyes on the negative, his soul would have sunk in despair long before that time.

 However, he had learned to set his sight on other things to be able to further the work of the Eternal. The most important thing he did was to focus on the Eternal and on the invisible heavenly things. This helped him fly over all those negative things and issues under the sun. Another thing that kept him above circumstances was his deep love for his people. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things and endures all things.

Besides, he had seen, in a prophetical way, the glorious future of the people of the covenant and this helped him remain encouraged and keep hope for his people.

He knew that the warnings, curses, and rebukes that he pronounced upon them on behalf of the Eternal were going to have an effect on them and that they would eventually be victorious with the Eternal's help an infinite grace.

The last thing he did in his life before dying was to pronounce blessings upon tribe after tribe of the people he so much loved. This is a sign of a man of God, who is able to overcome all negativity and become a channel of blessing from heaven in the midst of all the evil surrounding him. He wasn't overcome by evil, but he overcame evil with good.

Which will be your last words? Will you end up speaking bitterly of all, or will you finish your life blessing all those who have hurt you? Will you be able to overcome negative emotions and extract blessings from heaven that are able to go with their recipients to their divine purpose and goal?

Finish off your day blessing those who hurt you, and finish your life with words of blessing and you will then also be considered a man or woman of God.

Shavua tov and shanah tovah,


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