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Daily manna from the Torah by Dr Ketriel Blad

Toldot 6-2


Genesis 26:6-12

And Isaac sowed in that land and reaped in the same year a hundredfold. The LORD blessed him.

Gen. 26:12 ESV

How to reap miraculous crops?

Yitzchak was a man of miracles. His birth was a miracle, his wife was a miracle, his wife’s pregnancy was a miracle and now he reaped a miraculous crop of a hundredfold and he got very rich during time of famine (26:1). What was the secret for the crops to yield a hundredfold? Let’s analyze some of the most important facts of Yitzchak’s life that conditioned this wonderful phenomenon against all natural laws as we know them:

  • Forgiveness and love

  • Faithfulness and respect

  • Sacrifice and surrender

  • Meditation and prayer

  • Obedience and faith

When Yitzchak’s older stepbrother, Yishmael, mocked him, he could have been emotionally affected. Young children are very sensitive and can be emotionally affected for the rest of their lives, this can happen even before birth. This traumatic experience that Yitzchak went through with Yishmael made him learn to forgive those who hurt him. It was one of the most important lessons of his life. When his father, Avraham died, Yitzchak and Yishmael came together to bury him, a sign that Yitzchak had learned to forgive and love that one who had hurt him.

In order to reap miraculous crops we have to know how to forgive and love in a practical way, those who had hurt us.

When Yitzchak’s father received the order to sacrifice him in the altar, he accepted faithfully what his father was doing. Even if he didn’t receive the divine command himself, he trusted the spiritual authority that the Eternal had placed upon him. His faithfulness and respect toward his father is one of the most impressive examples in the whole Scripture.

In order to reap miraculous crops we have to be faithful and respect the authorities that the Eternal has placed upon us.

When Yitzchak found out that he was going to be the sacrifice, he didn’t resist nor did start an argument, but just surrendered voluntarily.

In order to reap miraculous crops we should not argue or oppose resistance before the sacrifices the Eternal asks from us.

When Yitzchak was feeling sad because of his mother’s death, he went out to the field to deepen in his relationship with the Eternal. When he saw that his wife was barren her didn’t get discouraged in his prayers, but continued fervently and insistently for twenty years until he saw the answer to his pleads.

In order to reap miraculous crops we have to live an intimate live with the Eternal in constant prayer.

When Yitzchak wanted to travel down to Egypt during the famine, the Eternal didn’t allow it and He told him to stay in the land. He obeyed in spite of the risk of suffering a big loss and he acted with a bold faith and sowed during a year of draught. The Eternal honoured his obedience and faith and yielded a miracle of a hundredfold crop that year (mea shearimמאה שערים   “a hundred measures” in Hebrew), in such a way that this man got extraordinarily rich.

In order to reap miraculous crops we should follow the voice of the Eternal that sometimes goes against human logics, and act daringly according to His promises.

May the Eternal help us understand the way of a supernatural life.

Shalom uvrachah – peace and blessing,



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